Eclectic And Fusion Elements

Denver, Colorado Acoustic Jazz
Denver, Colorado Acoustic Jazz 

I studied and worked in Nashville's Music Row scene in the 1980's, and often had the opportunity to review music tapes that came our way. One brother of mine has two Oscars for the Sound in The Right Stuff and Amadeus, and my other brother is an acoustic professional guitarist such as you. None of that makes me a knowledgable critic, of course, but our family does have an ear for sound.

Your sound is just lovely in your album songs. However, everything about your site indicates a keen esthetic sense and a very special eclectic facility for bringing in what I'd call "little, unique-to-you, decorative embellishments" that are really especially uncommon and thus twice as enjoyable.

In some places in some your songs, I detected the occasional kind of subtle, beautiful dissonance that I adore, and its relative scarcity as it flitted in and about different songs was a unique treat. You have experienced a wide range of genres, apparently, yet seem to comfortably "own" their techniques well enough to effortlessly intersperse them subtly and in a lovely sort of punctuation that often felt to me like a tapestry of sound.

In Round N Round, I found myself getting lost in the flow as it carried through in a delicious way, evolving into the subtle echos woven into the end of the song. That was a great and especially gentle ending!

I'm honored to be able to input how much I enjoyed your lyrical style of funk/jazz, both in Push and Round N Round. Thanks for asking, and I hope this offers at least a tiny bit of feedback for you.

I especially like and was impressed by your music because of its eclectic and fusion elements; I'm very excited and fascinated by any and all forms of genre-fusion -- jazz/funk, classical/metal, classical/jazz, reggae/jazz and any more exotic forms of fusion that anyone could ever dream up. This particular taste of mine probably derived from my childhood that was steeped in ALL the heavy classics, making the more "commonplace standards" in the classical genre very "old-hat" for me; I always seem to be able to anticipate exactly what the next stanza or phrasing will be.  So fusion shakes up my creativity with its unique and unexpected elements that never cease to inspire me!

As I approach my 80's, I'm for ALL creativity in any genre... even YOUR intriguing art work above your site!! Art that suggests like that, but does not boldly state its images, always stirs up my creative juices because it leaves me wanting to complete it in my mind. I was captured by those images for at least five minutes; its entirety is exceptional in conveying your unique artistic preferences and creative style! I've rambled enough now, and hope you will continue to ask for how your compositions make me "feel". I'm not current in musical jargon, but I do specialize in duplicating in some detail how my consciousness is affected by what I hear. So thank you for allowing me such a fun opportunity.

Most sincerely,
Jaffra Austin


Sally Vickers said...


Your music is such a UNIQUE blend of harmony that it makes me smile just to listen to it. Really SMILE.

I am no music critic but I sure know what I love.

Its like you have re-invented a new way to blend and
I like mellow-mellow Baby & you got it.

You own this & it's going to lead you to awards you *have imagined....Proud of knowing such a classic man. You are classy & sassy with all you express.

Your Gift is Heaven sent....You have done this before in past lives.

Sally Vickers
Malibu Ca.

Anonymous said...

I'm becoming more and more fond of your chosen genre ... AND your ingenious style. Your unique "sparkly" flourishes are truly delightful... always, in every song. Amazing.