it don’t mean jack…?

music business
So here we are legends in our own minds. Working on our art so much that we don’t lift our heads up to see the music business or music marketing challenges we have ahead of us. Sometimes I suppose we just need a reminder to stay balanced in our pursuits. The truth of the matter is that if we as artists stay balanced we can succeed in a way we only have dreamed of.

Don’t get me wrong the word ‘balanced’ in this context means being ‘Jack Of All Trades’ in a balanced way. We must be the musician, sound engineer, music producer, graphics person, personal investor, marketer, music distributor, music manager, music promoter, multimedia person, record label, etc… we just have to be balanced at these pursuits until we get investors (who offer time, resources, or money) interested to take up one of the roles (usually a master of his/her trade). We need to be great at our art and decent at everything else.

So today decide to take a moment to write out the roles that are most important to your success and schedule a few days out of the week to focus on goals in those areas. Usually, those areas in which you avoid most are most important.

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