...leading the way Home

Your site has changed a little since the last time I looked in, and your playing has refined too. It was always beautiful, but there seems to be a new depth to it. I love your music and will use Twitter and Pinterest and other social media to let others know that there is a very talented soul out there that they might want to listen to.

Your blog in "The Spiritual Corner" is an absolute delight! Much of what you say there comes through your music also, in that wordless language of living light that flows from the soul.

The essence of your soul, what flows through your music, reminds me of someone strewing flower petals along a path, beckoning people to follow... leading the way Home.

My own passion is the same, to bring by whatever means possible as many people as possible to reach beyond the limits of separation and to touch the truth of our oneness. Once we get a glimpse beyond the veil, nothing is ever the same again. Your music does that. It parts the veil in that silent place inside our hearts.

And if you ever need an extra friend or a prayer, it would be an honor to be your friend.

Wishing you peace,


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