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In the second half of the 20th century, behaviorists in Italy had discovered: Mirroring Neurons. Mirroring Neurons are connections in various parts of the brain that have the sole responsibility of imitating or mirroring behavior and emotion. Scientists have discovered that human beings have an internal experience that is congruent of what is being seen. Just by watching something we trigger the same neural pathways or internal responses as those doing the thing we are watching. What we see is literally what we experience.

Mirroring Neurons are the reasons why a child imitates words and actions after watching an exciting movie, why a sports fan gets emotional during a game, why a son develops his dads temper, or a daughter acts like her mother. When a particular neural pathway is repeated over and over again simply by watching or being exposed to specific behaviors repeatedly, it builds a ‘habit’. Just by watching, a person will begin to ‘mirror’ an emotion and/or behavior that is being watched.

What da?

As you are striving daily to practice your scales, arpeggios, chords or rudiments to be the best music producer, composer, pianist, guitarist, drummer, singer, etc… it’s important to add a few ‘watching’ exercises to your routine. Sometimes it pays to be smart about your pursuit of excellence. Make it a point to watch a 10-20 minute video clip before your routine of someone you want to mirror or imitate for the next 6 months and see the difference.

You can become a product of your chosen environment.

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