Social Networking for the Introvert

What's your problem!?

Okay, truth be told if you are an artist you are a sensitive person, open to the waves of emotion. You are moved by feelings and neurotic tendencies both your own and of those around you. If you are an introverted artist you are not only plagued by your own sensitivities but by social anxieties. In this context being a successful musician can be a great challenge.

Musician and Business

Alright friends, I will now speak to you as music professionals. Let me define a term/phrase for you, so that we are on the same page: Lead Generation is the act of attracting interest from very influential people. Examples of influential people for your music could be a/r reps, music executives, music managers, music agents, or potential fanatics.

On the business end of your music career, it becomes important not only to get in front of the potential fan but also in front of those who can invest in your career to get you to the next level (usually someone with more money than you).

Pursuing Business

Although there are many lead generation activities, networking is the least expensive and most effective for small business owners (You Inc.). This lead generation activity could lead to a fortune when done correct. Networking is relationship building at its best. To create meaning in conversations with people who open the doors to the next step in your music career and who can assist with putting butts in seats at your gigs on a very large scale is an artist's/entrepreneurial dream.


I know you are competent at what you do, but it drives you crazy when you are left in a crowd with no one to hide behind. When the time comes to attend a networking event or reaching out to a likely candidate at your favorite spot you are not very good at small talk. You are afraid that the look on your face screams for an escape while everyone is looking. I mean you could function if you put your best foot forward, but...

Maybe you could get better at your elevator pitch for the sake of your business but every step is emotionally painful. Although you care about people, you don't care to be surrounded by people you don't know or even worse people you do know, if there are too many. The only challenge with your psychology is that people need to know you if they will eventually become fans and investors with you, but you are often discouraged easily and pushed away.

Social Networking For The Introvert

The greatest technology of our day is the technology, which facilitates a relationship in our new social world. Social networks are perfect for your temperament. You can connect with one person at a time. If you make an impression through your genuine interest, sincerity, or helpfulness the links on your profile will be looked at. The important thing is that you attempt to converse with everyone in your social network to get better acquainted:
  • Decide to invest a couple of hours a day or even a week looking for people to connect with online and to converse with.
  • Please do not feel you have to sell them on your music or art, better yet prepare a blog, or a music catalog and let them know you were thinking about them when you give them the link.
  • When you send a note you will find some people will ignore any attempts you make at conversing, so be prepared. Just keep moving forward being friendly to anyone you can. You will eventually find a wonderful connection with someone based on your willingness to serve.
  • Nothing replaces asking for the sale: when you feel you have built enough rapport ask if they would like to take a listen to your music, subscribe to your music blog and sign up as a fan,  or better yet have a phone chat about future opportunities.   

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