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...long time, no write, sometimes I get this voice in my head telling me to share something with you. I'm not crazy, just a little restless the 3 am coffee doesn't help, but for what it's worth here it goes:

Help Wanted!

My latest thought could use your help. I would love for you to become aware of your response to a good story. For just a moment turn off the world, worries, anxieties and take the time. This could be a moment you take time to enjoy your favorite song, movie, book, comedian, etc.. and witness how you are moved by the emotion of it all. You too will witness that all great musicians (or artists) are great because they understand how to tell a story.

Another Discipline

It's wonderful to have chops, to understand music theory, to be a musician's musician, but when all is said and done people will relate to your story. People will relate to your story because they've experienced a similar range of emotion. Along with practicing your instrument i.e. scales, arpeggios, or chords, work on becoming a master story teller.

So, when you begin to compose or play another's music ask yourself what are you attempting to communicate?
What is the story line?
What range of emotion do you want to relay to your audience?

My Mentors

I have mentors and concerts on this blog, so take a look and listen with the intent of understanding how each artist communicates a story.

Welcome to your greatness, its just a story away!

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