Feel The Groove

Santi, I love your style and your flow. Your music inspires me. I love your sounds and can feel the energy and the groove of your music, Pat Metheny would be proud to hear your sound. Keep the groove alive my brother!

Gregory Goodloe
Hip Jazz Records


Nicole Renee said...

I just love your music Santi! Excellent tone!

Shammah said...

Love Round N Round; feel myself floating with the acoustics, like I am stuck and indeed going 'round 'n round'...soft,gentle...like an early morning breeze washing through....asking the question, what's next? Great stuff..imagining the words that would be sung, repetitive leaving one, as I say, with a question of what's next or which way do I go.

John Loughlin said...

Amazing music, so inspiring!

John Loughlin

Loralyn said...

The genre in which Round N Round is in, Acoustic / Funk / Jazz, is perfect. Loved the song and wish you all the best. Good Luck!