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Cloak of Visibility

Alright, just in case you didn't notice this is a series - so lets say you decide to start, and create and own your strategy, (hello anyone there?) now what??  Once you figure out what you need to show up for, than show up, every single time. You greatest asset is you! 90% of success is showing up. So, show up and do your thing.  Don't make a fool of yourself in the process- but put on your big boy pants and get out there every single time and give it 110%. Get a reputation for consistent hard work (from your music blog, to your composition to your gigs, to every single interaction with your fans). Create a buzz for yourself - play every gig, network every day - compose every week, introduce your music to someone new every day, and do something that screams: I'm here!


We as consumers have short-term memories, heck if Pepsi wasn't spending millions and millions of dollars just to let us know they were still around their sales would plummet. No one is going to remember you past tomorrow, not even your mom remembers your name sometimes. If you want the prize that comes with excellence in your music and artistry, you have to show up.

Take yourself seriously and begin to see yourself as a Leader and Chief Executive Officer of your small business, or of your group and act like a business person. You will begin to attract people to help you, than you can direct them effectively (based on your plan).


A secret of leadership is 'Everyone Knows Everything'. Don't assume people are stupid, we may have poor memories when it comes to your brand but we know everything. Your constituents (fans) understand the tremendous strain you are under and how hard you are working to meet the expectations of those around you (i.e. band-mates, managers, agents, record labels, producers...blah...blah... blah), don't insult their intelligence by creating excuses as to why everyone is there but you. Make it a discipline to be there and to give yourself away every single time and witness the transformation.


Is your music blog getting regular attention?
Are you gigging at least 4-5 times a week?
Are you practicing at least every other day?
Are you actively seeking inspiration for your musicianship?
Are you actively studying the music business?
Are you actively seeking mentorship?
Are you actively looking for the relationship that will take your career to the next level? (manager, music agent, music publisher, record label...etc)
Are you interacting with fans weekly?
Are you networking?
Are you giving the attention you need to your plan and music goals?

Figure out another 10 things that you need to show up for and decide to be excellent!

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