The Age Of The Geek

By now I hope you know that geek is in!

Geeks use to be synonymous with recluse. This was the guy who lived in his basement and sat in front of his computer screen all day and night with little food, water, and god knows little to no human contact. He had little to no social skills and seemed very awkward in social settings; having a temporary case of turrets. This is the guy who we all looked at with a sense of embarrassment. Well, he is all grown up now, and cashing his multi-billion dollar checks. Yes! ladies and gentlemen he alone has dominated the business world, impacted existing industries, created new ones, and has literally changed the world as we know it. The world would be at a stand still with out the infamous geek standing by to lend his expertise.

The Power Of Imitation

Chances are if you are not striving to be the geek in the industry than you haven't kept up with the technologies and you are running further and further behind. Eventually your technological illiteracy will bring your business down a fatal path, especially now that there are only 4 major labels, competition to win a paying fan base is tough, the way music is being purchased and sold is changing rapidly, and not to ignore the threat of piracy, with more and more free music being offered  on mediums like YouTube.

The bottom-line is stop taking the technologies that surround you for granted, and create the habits behind adaptation. The world is filled with technologies that will take you further then you have ever imagined. Business is not made for the timid at heart, so create a plan to obtain the technical knowledge that will propel you toward your business objectives faster than ever before.

Where To Start:?

If you think you are doing okay in this area ask yourself:

What are the top three technological trends that influence your industry?
How often do you seek technical knowledge that will provide competitive advantages?
What technologies have you mastered in the last 12-24 months?

Start By:

Attempting to understand your own computer
Learning html, css, javascript, dreamweaver, flash
Master the use of social media (i.e. blogging, podcasting, social networking, vlogging, photo sharing etc...)
Subscribing to technology blogs, vloggs, and podcasts
Taking a new class
Working toward one more degree or certificate
Learning how to take advantage of google analytics
Learning a software programming language
Identifying software in your industry and mastering it
Understanding the ins and outs of technologies or technological platform you use on a regular basis such as ms word, excel, power point, access, sales force  etc...

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