Artrepreneur 101: Radical Self-Love (1 of 2)

Effortless Living

So here we are, struggling for what we want or worse for what we need. One is the average person's struggle, the latter is the memory of an impoverished soul. A revelation came to me today; perhaps this simple concept crossed my mind before; it seemed oddly familiar. I think we all feel we have to push and strive or claw our way through life. If we are lucky in this struggle we turn to look at our neighbor as someone who moves effortlessly through life. If we are unlucky we witness our neighbor's betrayal (dog eat dog world) to get what she needs.

So this is when that revelation came in, while I was thinking about my struggle; the simple truth dawned on me: The more we LOVE OURSELVES, the more effortlessly our life will become. It becomes our tendency to want to fix 'them' or fix 'that' (all these external factors) and not want to fix ourselves. But when we love ourselves we will live in the moment, experience spontaneous healing, love, and peace. We will call out to that which we desire through our simple and quiet intention and have it manifest at the perfect time. We will become lost in the joy of our work and feel refreshed and inspired. We will be tuned into our emotions and intuition knowing that we will be gently guided in making only the necessary moves at the right time in order to achieve our vision of the future. At last we will discover our perfect and personal magic.

As Within So, Without

The principle states that the more we have our shit together the more life will work out (and everything in it). We tend to attract things, people, and situations according to our dominant way of thinking (or subconscious way of thinking). Until the point  we align ourselves with true love, we will always have a bitter struggle. However, if we love ourselves deeply it will effect everything, everything, everything- this is the art of: effortless living.


Yeah, that part is not so easy to obtain, because you have to clean up your emotional crap and practice patience. It also depends on how radical your work ethic is; yes 'work ethic'. You have to work to 'undo' what you have spent your lifetime 'doing'.

The Breakdown

We all share a commonality: we all have a subconscious mind. This is our thinking under or behind our conscious thinking, these are the emotions that we truly have about something even though we are really trying to think differently. It's that feeling of inadequacy or bitterness or insecurity, although we try hard to think or act otherwise. That program is what controls our destiny. What we need to do is to change the old programming.   So, if you are going to make a leap into effortless living, you must, must, must go to work to reprogram your subconscious mind; just like a programmer that has to re-write software. It's all about finding new mental models, creating suggestions (phrases that contain the traits you want to embrace), and repetition.

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Radical Self-Love (1 of 2)
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