Artrepreneur 101: Radical Self-Love (2 of 2)

Lets Break It Down

If you are going to make a leap into effortless living, you must, must, must go to work to reprogram your subconscious mind; just like a programmer that has to re-write software. It's all about finding new mental models, creating suggestions (phrases that contain the traits you want to embrace), and repetition.

Finding New Mental Models

Gigo (garbage in, garbage out), we can be the worlds' most skilled programmer, but if all we have is outdated references our code will not work or even worse be detrimental. The same is true with our mind. Our first responsibility is to gather updated information and go to work to read and study 'self-love' and 'relationships' (we are involved in a life time relationship with ourselves).

Creating Suggestions

Part of this process includes creating affirmations or statements that embrace deep fundamental changes. Don't be consumed with more than a statement, something simple and profound such as: "I like and love myself" or "I'm grateful".

Creating a Personal Altar

Create a spiritual spot in your physical environment, a place in which you can acknowledge your self-worth and promise. Include pictures of yourself and memories that make you happy, include flowers, scented candles, and oils. You are a wonderful gift and the most important person in your life. After creating this space, enter into it with a sense of gratitude (this is where the magic lies).


This is where your work ethic to shape and mold your subconscious comes in. It becomes important to work on programming your mind daily.  The more time you invest on a daily basis going through your affirmation and acknowledging your 'personal altar' the greater impact you will have on your own mind. The best time to use the affirmation or to appreciate your own greatness is before going to sleep, after awaking, and when old negative feelings begin to emerge.

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Asad said...

I like that you emphasized candles and oils to create a better environment. Smell is so powerful yet few people recognize it as such

Unknown said...

Candles are also important in certain spiritual traditions. They are recognized as symbols for ongoing prayer (no better person to intercede for than yourself).