Artrepreneur 101: Purpose (Re-visited)

Every executive’s purpose is like a finger print: there are no two alike. Each person brings his gifts and talents to the world of commerce. As you rediscover and renew the purpose for your business you will begin to witness the unfolding of a new brand.
  • Purpose will always have a way of redefining your brand. 
  • Purpose will make your voice stand out with authenticity from the hundreds of thousands of artists/businesses in similar industries. 
  • Purpose is branding! Purpose will give your voice personality and depth of character.
When thinking about your company's purpose engage others in the conversation including friends, employees, partners, customers, and investors.

Put It On Paper!

Allow your unique perspective and meaning to ring throughout your purpose statement. Don't settle for some mediocre concept like "Our Purpose is to Provide a Great Service", "Our Purpose is to be the Best...(WHATEVER)", or :Our Purpose is to provide Great Customer Service." - THIS IS MEDIOCRITY!

Go deeper into your soul and answer the question: what do you stand for? and What should your art/business stand for?

If you are wondering how to define such a broad concept, answer the following questions:
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What is your unique signature (talent)?
    • Is it the way you strategize?
    • Is it the way you communicate?
    • Is it your Unique vision?
  • What unique gifts and passions are you keeping outside of your business? (business should be personal)
  • How could you tie your unique passions and gifts into your business?
Purpose and passion bring a sense of play back into our lives. Our businesses should work as extensions of our lives.

Do Me A Favor:
  • Don't settle for a business, CREATE a movement!
  • Identify your purpose
  • Identify your unique passions and gifts
  • Rethink your business model
  • …and perhaps RETHINK how you have been living your LIFE!

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