Artrepreneur 101: Going The Extra Mile

The Foundation For Success

The greatest rewards in life will be attained based on the expansion of personal and collective energies. Think of successful people as those who have contributed sufficient energy in a specified direction. Personal energy takes different forms internally: emotions, thoughts, words, and actions.
  • The more focused a person’s attention is, the more energy will increase.
  • The greater the frequency, in which an individual fixes her attention on a goal the more energy will increase.
  • The more an individual visualizes and affirms a goal, the more energy will increase.
  • The more a person can join energies with others who have a similar goal, the more energy will increase.
  • The more you give and the more effective you are at contributing value in a particular area of service, the more energy will increase.
The more energy we expand consistently in one direction, the more we have the opportunity to influence our future opportunities. In the world of energy expansion progress will always take more energy in the beginning and less energy to maintain. Whether a person is starting a career or business thinking in terms of 'personal energy expansion' will bring insights into the rewards one can soon create for themselves.

Call Me A Pragmatic

Although much more can be said about energy expansion, one sure way to succeed based on this principle is to pick a direction or purpose and work hard to 'Go The Extra Mile.' Nothing will give you a better chance at attracting the best customers or opportunities than going the distance. Life will give back what you put into it.

Consistently increase the value you contribute, learn to perform better, work on your communication, work on your leadership, work on your business disciplines and skills and give, give, give. In the process of giving you will not only find new opportunities, but build better skills: management skills, leadership skills, business skills, and communication skills.

Think About Serving

Evaluate your business model, specifically your protocol around customer fulfillment, customer service, and leadership. If there is anything that will perfect how you play the business game it is the ability to perfect your value creation. Rewards are on the other side of service. You will be amazed when the rewards come. Think through how you are creating value, and ask how can you improve on this? A better way of doing business will always exist!


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